Restaurant delicacies

Main courses

Pork schnitzel "Wiener Art" with french fries and salad€ 13,80
Roast pork with hearty dark beer sauce, with two kinds of dumplings and coleslaw€ 12,80
Böfflamot "Rinderbraten mit Rahmsauce" with potato dumplings and colorful vegetables€ 13,50
Almschnitzel filled with bacon and onion, served with roasted potatoes and salad€ 14,80
Farmer's feast  with roast, sausage, Wammerl, sauerkraut and dumplings€ 12,50
Colorful salad plate with grilled chicken breasts, with herb dressing and white bread€ 13,80

Vegetarian dishes

Mediterranean vegetables with tomatoes, zucchini, potato cubes, onions, mushrooms and rosemary, with herb dipping sauce€ 12,80
Cheese spaetzle with roasted onions€ 10,80



Pikeperch fillet "fried fillet" with tomato and olive butter, with parsley potatoes€ 15,80

Fillet of trout with almond butter sauce with parsley potatoes and salad

€ 18,80


From the soup pot

Pancake soup                                         € 4,20                
Liver spaetzle soup          € 4,20

Soup of the day

€ 4,20




Small meal for in between...

Fried Leberkäse with fried eggs and potatoes€  9,20
Herring plate "Hausfrauen Art", herring fillets, apple, cucumber, sour cream, with fried potatoes (2,3,4)€ 10,90
Homemade gravy with fried potatoes and onions (2,3,4)€   9,50

It's all about the sausage...

würzige Currywurst with french fries (2,3,4)€ 8,90
2 pieces of pork sausage with fried potatoes (2,3,4)€ 8,90
Bavarian sausage salad made with vinegar & oil, onion rings and bread (2,3,4)€ 8,90

Time for a salad

Colorful salad plate with grilled chicken breasts, with herb dressing and white bread€ 13,80.-
Mixed salad€    5,50



3 pieces potato pancake with apple sauce€ 6,20
Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce€ 7,80
Apple fritters with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream€ 6,80
warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce€ 6,80

A variety of an ice cream

Mixed ice cream without cream€ 4,20
Mixed ice cream with cream€ 4,50
Vanilla ice cream with cream and hot raspberries or hot chocolate sauce€ 6,80
Iced coffee with cream€ 5,20
Ice chocolate with cream€ 5,20
Hasn cups with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and hazelnut ice cream€ 8,90